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Discover the Untapped Advantage of a Tenant Advocate for Your Commercial Venture

In the dynamic world of commercial real estate, the role of a tenant advocate often remains hidden from the radar of many business lessees. Yet, whether you're seeking a strategic foothold in retail, medical, dental, office, or industrial spaces, the presence of a tenant advocate can wield a remarkable impact on your bottom line. For enterprises spanning Southern California's expansive region – spanning from the San Fernando Valley to Santa Barbara – the preeminent tenant advocate is none other than Wembley.

Tenant advocacy by Wembley’s
Lease Negotiation and Review
Site Selection and Space Planning
Lease Renewal and Renegotiation
Analysis and Benchmarking
Rent Reduction
Conflict Resolution and Issue Management

Two money-saving questions for commercial tenants

Would you represent yourself in court, or use your opponent’s attorney?
Imagine representing yourself in a courtroom without legal expertise or entrusting your opponent's attorney to advocate on your behalf. Surprisingly, not utilizing your own broker in commercial real estate dealings can lead to a similar misstep. Landlords or sellers compensate your broker through a commission built into lease or sales prices, which remains uncredited to you if you forego using your own broker. By doing so, you unintentionally aid the opposing party while potentially subjecting yourself to financial and legal vulnerabilities within lease or purchase agreements.

Would you allow a seasoned IRS auditor-turned-CPA to guide you through an IRS income tax audit?
Drawing from our distinctive background in the property-owner sector of commercial real estate, we possess invaluable insights into concealed profit centers and potential contract pitfalls for landlords and sellers. Partnering with us equates to wielding "inside information" in a competitive arena – a crucial advantage in athletic pursuits and a necessity for navigating your transaction to success.

When it comes to tenants and buyers, exceptional representation is paramount. Going without it can translate to substantial financial and temporal costs. Landlords and sellers benefit from a skilled ensemble comprising architects, accountants, attorneys, insurance professionals, property managers, and brokers, each specializing in commercial real estate. With Wembley, you gain a comprehensive ally boasting expertise across these domains. While many remain unaware of latent expenditures, we are acutely attuned – a simple truth prevails: Wembley guarantees the most substantial savings for you.

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