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Confidently lease your site with long-term tenants.

The results-based process that Wembley’s experts have crafted from over 15 years of experience in the commercial real estate sector can help commercial real estate landlords to thrive. Whether your commercial properties include office, retail, industrial, or multi-family, our strong network of domestic & global businesses and tenants can provide you with fast access to people or companies looking for spaces just like yours.

Our data-driven marketing and understanding of the business needs of commercial landlords can help to accomplish your objectives effectively and efficiently. Your goals will determine our marketing plan, used in conjunction with our proprietary and unique negotiating tactics to drive the highest value and best terms for your commercial real estate lease.

Landlord representation by Wembley’s
Strong tenant and offer vetting
Extensive business databases
Expert & unique negotiations
Data-driven property valuation
Thoughtful marketing strategy
Expert development advisory

Getting started.

Our process designed around your business goals. Clear and completely managed.

build a plan
Step 1

Lease strategy and plan building

Your business needs will inform a custom-tailored plan to lease your site.

Online organization
Step 2

Organization and Collaboration

Wembley’s will organize your files and documents in an easily-accessed dashboard. No matter where you are in the world, our collaboration tools provide real-time communication as needed.

market insight
Step 3

Value assessment, comparative analysis, & strategy

We'll develop a strategy that uses Comparable data and Market Analysis (CMA) to narrow in on your property’s value and list a rental price that realizes your goals.

promote to win
Step 4

Prepare and promote to win

Your Wembley’s team will create a marketing packet with a maximum distribution plan, including LoopNet & CoStar. Our extensive network ensures that your property gets in front of the most qualified tenants.

application approval
Step 5

Negotiations, escrow, inspections, and disclosures

Our experts will tactically negotiate leases, screen tenants, manage inspections, and handle all the paperwork with the transaction and legal parties.

lease closing
Step 6


All parties finalize the deal and the landlord performs tenant improvements based on the lease agreements.

Wembley’s commercial real estate leasing experience: for those who demand only the best service.

Our commercial leasing process has been perfected through decades of experience with successful companies that demand the best in all respects. If your company wants a data and results-driven experience with actively-managed representation, Wembley’s commercial leasing experts are here for you.

What Wembley’s Experts Deliver in Your Commercial Leasing Experience.

done for you guidance
  • Wembley’s experts have decades of experience in the commercial real estate space. Our expansive network of domestic and global businesses provides you with immediate access to vetted potential long-term tenants.
  • With Wembley’s, you will have one lead expert who serves as your guide on this journey. Rather than having to deal with multiple touchpoints within the company, your guide will serve as your liaison to a team of experts driving your experience for optimal results and saving you precious time.
  • As an integrated commercial real estate firm and mortgage brokerage, our company is uniquely versed in negotiating the financial terms for your property lease. Wembley’s saves you precious time and delivers a more efficient process so that you can focus on running your business while we handle your commercial real estate needs.

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